Getting a permanent tattoo

To ensure that you get the perfect tattoo that you dream of make sure to follow the following steps.

  • Make sure your above 18.
  • Decide as to what you what to get. A tattoo is something that you will have on your body till the day you die, so it is critical to be sure as to what you are going to get inked. Do NOT go to the tattoo parlour without any idea as to what you are doing.
  • Ask for opinions. Consult your friends and family for opinions. It is always good to see your idea from another point of view.
  • Book an appointment: Make sure to call your tattoo artist pre-hand to make sure he/she is free on that day. This is to ensure that you don’t get disappointed with him/her being busy on the day you visit the tattoo parlour.

On the day you are getting inked:

  • Do not go to the tattoo parlour drunk or high. It is common thought that a drunken state or a high mind will ease the pain of getting inked. This is not true. In fact it causes excessive bleeding and does not allow your artist to give his/her best.
  • Do not skip food because you are nervous. Several clients faint during the process. A healthy stomach and a strong mind is needed to ensure that you don’t faint or get dizzy.
  • Be a little early. Do not go late for your appointment. There may be other clients waiting and this may hold back the artists work schedule causing him/her to rush with your tattoo.
  • Make sure to be relaxed and calm yourself.
  • Respect your artist. Take into consideration his opinions and views. He obviously has worked with several clients and has a better idea as to what looks better on you and what suits your skin type.

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